The Law Office of Churchill & Gantt LLC, Jacksonville Debt Lawyer, Tallahassee Tenant Lawyer, Pensacola, North Florida The Law Office of Churchill & Gantt LLC, Pensacola Debt Lawyer, North Florida Tenant Lawyer, Tallahassee, Jacksonville
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Robert G. Churchill Jr., The Law Office of Churchill & Gantt LLC, Tallahassee Debt Lawyer, Jacksonville Tenant Lawyer, Pensacola, North Floria
Robert G. Churchill Jr.
Marilyn J. Gantt, The Law Office of Churchill & Gantt LLC, Jacksonville Debt Lawyer, Tallahassee Tenant Lawyer, Pensacola, North Floria
Marilyn J. Gantt
Welcome to Churchill & Gantt, LLC
Churchill and Gantt, LLC provides legal services for clients in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Pensacola and throughout North Florida. From its start in Tallahassee, the firm has grown to serve clients in the northern half of the state, and our attorneys regularly handle contested legal matters for clients as far south as Lake and Sumter counties.

Debtor Representation and Defense
Enforcing clients' rights against unfair debt collections such as harassment, intimidation, or abusive language by debt collectors; negotiating
to stop creditor calls, eliminate interest and/or penalties, and set workable payment plans; and defending debt-based lawsuits in circuit, county,
and small claims court. 

Churchill & Gantt, Tallahassee Debt Lawyer, Credit Card Lawsuit Defense, Jacksonville Debt Lawyer, Pensacola, North Florida, Ocala

Tenant Representation in Landlord-Tenant Disputes
Defending tenants against eviction lawsuits or threatened evictions, pursuing security deposit recovery claims, and negotiating with landlords regarding issues of habitability of the rental home, including code compliance violations such as mold, leaks, rodent or insect infestations, and electric, water, or other utility supply.

Florida Tenant Help, Florida Eviction Help, Landlord Problems, Lease Termination, Rent Witholding, Eviction Defense

Consumer Claims / Unfair Business Practices
Protecting consumer rights against unfair business practices and false / misleading advertising by auto mechanics, contractors, or other business entities. 
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